Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aurora man gets 320 years

AURORA | An Aurora man was sentenced to 320 years in prison Wednesday for a 2008 home invasion robbery in Littleton. 

David Henry Torrez, 29, was convicted in February of 15 counts of aggravated robbery, first-degree burglary and first-degree assault.

According to a statement from the Arapahoe County District attorney’s office, Torrez received the harsh sentence because with four previous felonies, he was deemed a habitual offender. 

The statement said Torrez and an unidentified accomplice brandished a pistol, utility knife and a large chain during the December 2008 robbery.

After the robbery, the homeowner followed Torrez, who fled the scene in his uncle’s car. Torrez tried to shoot the homeowner but his gun misfired, the statement said. 

Click below for the statement from the DA's office. 
Aurora Man Sentenced to 320 Years in
Prison for 2008 Home Invasion Robbery

Centennial, Co. - David Henry Torrez, 29, was sentenced to 320 years in the Department of Corrections today, for the 2008 Armed Home Invasion Robbery of a Littleton man.  An Arapahoe County District Court jury, found Torrez guilty of 15 counts of Aggravated Robbery, 1st Degree Burglary and 1st Degree Assault on February 18, 2011, after a week - long jury trial and 4 hours of deliberation.

The defendant’s sentence reflects habitual offender counts that were added due to the defendant’s four prior felony convictions, which include robbery, combined with the serious nature of the convictions in this case.

On December 15, 2008, Torrez and an unidentified accomplice, forcefully entered into the home of Raymond Victorino, 23, armed with a semi- automatic handgun, utility knife and a large chain.  At the time of the robbery Victorino and several friends were inside of the home playing poker. 

While taking a smoke break outside of the residence, one of Victorino’s guests was confronted by Torrez and his accomplice.  Torrez pointed the semi-automatic handgun to the man’s head and demanded that he walk into the home.  Both Torrez and his accomplice wore beanies and hooded sweatshirts with the hoods pulled over their heads.  The pair also wore head-warmer headbands and bandanna’s over their mouths and noses to conceal their identities.  

Torrez ordered everyone in the home to the ground and told them not to move.  He then ordered everyone to empty their pockets and directed Victorino to the upper-level of the home at gunpoint and proceeded to demand money and other personal possessions.

On the way down from the upper level of the home, Torrez asked his accomplice if he had gotten everything and then directed him to assault one of Victorino’s guests who was still lying on the ground.  The accomplice hit Victorino’s guest in the head and face with a large chain, causing serious bodily injury.  Upon leaving the residence, Torrez and his accomplice, instructed everyone to stand up and face the wall as they walked out of the home. 

The pair then drove away in a white Dodge Neon Coupe with a bungee cord tied to the trunk.  Victorino got into his vehicle to follow the suspects and proceeded to call police.  While driving around the housing community, an occupant of the white Dodge Neon pointed a gun at Victorino and pulled the trigger.  The gun locked and did not fire.  The defendant and his accomplice then sped away.

Torrez’s uncle was identified as the owner of the Dodge Neon after police ran the license plates on the vehicle.  Littleton Police contacted Torrez’s uncle who told police that the vehicle was given to Torrez to use for a few weeks.  After learning that police had contacted his uncle about the vehicle, Torrez called police to report the car stolen.  The car was later found abandoned with a broken rear window.  The defendant’s uncle reported to police that Torrez admitted to his son (Torrez’s cousin) that he committed the offenses. 

Chief Deputy District Attorney Dan Plattner and Deputy District Attorney Effie Antonopoulos handled the case on behalf of the District Attorney’s Office, 18th District.  The case was investigated by Ken Hicks of the Littleton Police Department.


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